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Touch Control Systems

Liberty’s Touch Control system has been designed with over 30 years of experience in the Dry Cleaning industry.

No detail is overlooked when choosing the finest hardware or the time and expertise that goes into the development of our software and apps.

We do all this is to ensure that your expectations are not only met, but also exceeded each time you use our system.

Touch Control Features

Easy to Use

Touch Control is the easiest program on the market to use. Training only takes a few minutes. Before you know it your counter help will be writing up orders.


Heat Seal Assembly

Heat Seal Labels are permanent bar-coded tags that are heat sealed to garments.
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  • Ticket Writing is extremely fast, simply scan the barcode and the customer is brought up and the garment description is entered automatically.
  • Touch Control can provide you with complete details of every order the garment was written on.
  • Touch Control can provide you with the date the garment was first cleaned in your store reducing those costly pay outs for damaged items. The customer can no longer say it was a new item if you can show the garment being cleaned 40 times in the past.
  • Integrates with Automatic Assemblers or our Auto Sorting program.


Billing is a breeze with Touch Control. You can handle normal billing, commercial, wholesale and hotel customers with
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ease. Have a credit card on file, great, with one button you can charge all the customers and have their payment posted right to their account. Want to give up the hassle of printing paper statements, and who doesn’t, lets use email to send billing statements. Touch Control will change the way you thought about billing!

Cloud Services

Whether you have one or multiple stores, using our Cloud Services is the way to go!
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All data is shared in real time, if you make a change in one store all stores will see it. We include free support, free software updates/upgrades, free iDryclean app, free nightly backups and so much more when signed up for this service. Sounds interesting, we thought so!


Keeping in touch with your customers has never been so easy or economical. Send instant notifications of
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ready or aging orders. Send coupons to your best customers and keep in touch with customers who are no longer using your services. Touch Control enables you to create custom email templates that can be resued as often as needed. Choose your filter and template and your marketing email is complete. Your customers will receive your professional looking email in their inbox in a matter of seconds.

Mobile App

We have three apps that integrate with our Touch Control System.
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  • iDryclean – Your customers can access their account information (Works with Apple and Android devices.)
  • ScanControl – Free’s up a workstation to Rack Clothes and do Inventory (Apple devices)
  • iRouteControl – Makes your Route mobile (Apple iPads)

Delivery Routes

Our Delivery program was will take your route to a new level. Starting with our Web Integration which is placed
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on your website enabling new customers to sign up for your route. All information (including credit card information) is immediately stored into your Touch Control system. Your route information can also be further enhanced with our iRouteControl app. Your route is uploaded into our app and the driver can then proceed receiving turn by turn directions to each stop. All deliveries are report back to you in real time and your customers will receive an email that their clothes have been delivered.

Secure Credit Card Processing

Touch Control is PCI-Compliant. All transactions are processed in a secure environment. We are ready for both EMV and NFC (Apple Pay) payments.

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iRouteControl is two programs in one. The first is a full featured iPad application for the driver and the second is management control for the owner.
Take Your Route On The Road
Imagine taking your entire delivery route and downloading it into an iPad that not only lists your entire manifest in the order of the correct stop position but also allows your driver to receive turn by turn directions to each location. But that’s not all!  Now fully integrated into our Touch Control Route program you will be able to track the drivers location and receive real time status updates of all orders as they are dropped off or picked up.

Liberty Computer’s Mobile App for Apple and Android Devices


iDryClean enables your customers to connect to your store anytime to receive information about their account. Your customers can even schedule a pickup or delivery right from their phone. With the explosion of smartphones there has never been a better time to offer this type of service to your customers.

Amazing Features


  • Customers can track their orders
  • Schedule a Pickup or Delivery (Integrates into the Touch Control Route Program)
  • Full Ticket Recall
  • Check their Account Balances (Billing Customers)
  • List their Order History for the last six months
  • View their FCC Balance
  • Scan Barcode for Easy Pick Up of Order
  • Scan Barcode for Easy Drop of New Orders

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