Liberty’s Auto Assembly Solution

Our Auto Sorting program can help you automate your assembly process in ways you never thought of before.

Simply scan the heat seal on any garment and the sorting program will instruct you to place the garment into an available slot. When the whole order is complete, the assembly program will advise you to remove the order and the slot will become available again.

This is a lower cost solution of combining heat seal technology and auto assembly without the need to purchase a new conveyor.

A Computer, Monitor, Wireless Laser Gun, Thermal Printer and Liberty’s Auto Sorting program is required.

The Benefits of Heat Sealing Garments

Heat Seal Labels are permanent bar-coded tags that are heat sealed to garments. They can be purchased pre-printed with barcodes or printed yourself using blank heat seal labels ( a separate printer is required for this function).

When used for the first time you must input into the Touch Control program the details of each garment. This is saved in the database and associated to the appropriate customer. The label must then be heat sealed to the garment



  • Ticket Writing is extremely fast, simply scan the barcode and the customer is brought up and the garment description is entered automatically.
  • Touch Control can provide you with complete details of every order the garment was written on.
  • Touch Control can provide you with the date the garment was first cleaned in your store reducing those costly pay outs for damaged items. The customer can no longer say it was a new item if you can show the garment being cleaned 40 times in the past.
  • Integrates with Automatic Assemblers (see below) or our Auto Assembly program.



Automatic Assemblers & Heat Seal Products