Liberty’s Cloud Services

Our Cloud system simply means that your database is located at another location (In the Cloud) maintained by Liberty Computers. Your computer(s) in the store will access the database through an internet connection.

Your database is housed in a secure environment that is backed up and maintained 24/7, 365 days a year.

Whether you have one or multiple stores our cloud service offers so many benefits.

Liberty continues to offer both Cloud and Non-Cloud systems.

Here is a comparison chart that shows the differences between cloud and non-cloud systems.

Centralizing Multiple Locations - If you have more than one store, each location will be connected together using one database.checkgreen
Customers Can Use All Locations - No matter what store they use the customer will only be in the system once. This means that if they are a billing customer they will now receive only one bill instead of multiple ones you are most likely sending now. A customer can also drop off clothes in one store and can request the pickup at another. checkgreen
Make a Setting Change that Updates all Stores - Whether you want to make a change to one store or all stores. Hosting makes the job fast and convenient. For instance, change a price, add a coupon, choose which store (or all) and the change is immediately reflected at each store.checkgreen
Support Contract - is included in monthly hosting charge. (Unlimited priority support calls, remote support, after hour support). checkgreen
Enhanced Reports - No more adding up totals for each store. You will get a detail for each store and then a grand total.checkgreen
Free Software Updates & Upgrades - are also included. You will always have the latest software version from Liberty. checkgreen
iDryClean App Included for Freecheckgreen
Data Backups - are performed by us. You no longer need to worry if your employee's are performing a backup. We will take care of this for you. checkgreen
No Static IP Address is Required - No extra charge from your internet provider.checkgreen
No Internet is Necessary - However it is recommended for support and email capabilities.checkgreen
No Monthly Feecheckgreen
Lower Upfront Costscheckgreen