Introducing iDryClean Pro

The app that changes everything

iDryClean Pro

iDryClean Pro enables your customers to connect to your store anytime to receive information about their account.  With the explosion of smartphones there has never been a better time to offer this type of service to your customers.


Amazing Features

  • Brandable
  • Push Notifications are delivered right to the users Android or iPhones
  • Customers can track their orders
  • Customers can now Pay for their Orders right from their phone
  • Customers can store a credit card on file for future use
  • Specials and Promotions pushed right to your customer
  • Schedule a Pickup or Delivery (Integrates into the Touch Control Route Program)
  • Full Ticket Recall
  • List their Order History
  • Users can pay and use the On My Way feature that sends a message to the store letting you know that they are coming to pickup their order(s)
  • Social Media Referrals from your customers to their family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Customers will receive financial rewards with each referral
  • Send push notifications the night before to your route customers asking if they need anything picked up. If they respond No we will exclude them from the route manifest (as long as there is no tickets to be dropped off) for that day



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