Take Your Route On The Road

With Liberty Computer’s iRouteControl

Advantages of iRouteControl

iRouteControl is two programs in one. The first is a full featured iPad application for the driver and the second is management control for the owner. Imagine taking your entire delivery route and downloading it into an iPad that not only lists your entire manifest in the order of the correct stop position but also allows your driver to receive turn by turn directions to each location. But that’s not all!

Now fully integrated into our Touch Control Route program you will be able to track the drivers location and receive real time status updates of all orders as they are dropped off or picked up.

iRouteControl Features for Driver

  • Turn By Turn Directions
  • Update Status of Tickets Delivered in Real Time to Store
  • Create Claim Checks for Orders Picked Up
  • Receive Messages from Store Concerning Orders
  • Pickup Quality Control of Delivered Orders
  • Automatic Email Notifications to Customers when Orders are Delivered/Picked Up
  • Can now choose between Apple or Google Maps
  • Customers with the same stop number (Buildings) can now be auto batched out (delivered) together
  • Buildings can now have a Doorman List printed out
  • Customers can now be Added or Edited
  • Route Stop Positions can now be re-ordered
  • Access Notes and Messages are now displayed during Drop Off
  • Can now handle Locker drop off and pickups including emailing the customer the locker number and/or the combination (the last four digits of phone number)

iRouteControl Features for Management


  • View Real Time Delivery Truck Location
  • Analyze Route Efficiency
  • Send Message to Driver about Orders
  • View Complete Route Driver has Taken
  • See Actual Time between each Stop
  • Real Time Status Updates of Orders

Take Control of Your Route

No longer will you be in the dark when your truck begins its route. You will be able to see the route unfold in real time and know if the driver has deviated from the established route. In addition you will also know how long the driver took in between stops.

New driver, no problem. Just hand them iRouteControl and they will be on their way!

Mobile Technology

iRouteControl uses the latest mobile technology. Your driver will be outfitted with a Cellular iPad along with an optional Bluetooth Laser Gun and optional Bluetooth Thermal Printer. We can also provide an in Vehicle Mounting Bracket to hold the iPad securely yet easily removed when needed.

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