Kathy Bayliss

NuWay Cleaners and Tailors
White Plains, NY

I am writing this recommendation from a personal and business perspective. Many years ago my husband and I meet the owners of Liberty Computers at a local dry cleaning trade show. We were the owners of an average mom and pop operation and were clueless as to what a “Computer System” could add to our business. After speaking to the owners we purchased our first system and hoped we had made the right financial decision for our business……. That was over 20 years ago.

Drycleaners will tell you that the dry cleaning machines, boilers etc. are at the heart of their business… I totally disagree. The computer system that we purchased and the countless upgrades over the years that Liberty’s ingenuity has been able to provide to us has taken us from the average “Mom and Pop” to one of the largest dry cleaning establishments in NY state. You may ask yourself how can that be possible…I will explain.

As the years passed since that first decision, Liberty Computers has always stayed ahead of the needs of the drycleaner. They have implemented systems that are user friendly and can I add to that, systems that are used by “dummies,” systems that are oriented for your average computer knowledge person.

The bottom line is that our computer system is what has led to our good fortune, bottom line, right. Isn’t that what we are all in this crazy business for? Their ingenuity in the most recent years of adding the credit card program is worth more than I can tell you. For years I would spend days… yes days and weeks chasing the declined credit cards from monthly charge customers, and now with the “Declined Minimizer program from OpenEdge and Liberty Computers my hours and days are spent on more important things like taking care of customers.

They have developed over the years special individualized software for our needs They have programmers on site that have the knowledge of our industry and our needs that will add to your bottom line. Money Right? And with all that said the true reason to buy their computers goes way beyond software, hardware and price. Liberty Computers stands alone in comparison to their competitors being that they are reliable, honest and their word still means something to them.

We have had glitches through the years, and they have ALWAYS been there to help us through. We have lost complete data due to electrical storms, lost complete charge account data due to human error and countless other issues and they helped us restore our software each and every time. Not one penny was ever lost to a computer problem. Every business will experience issues over the years and you are fooling yourself if you think it won’t happen to you! Any company call sell you a system for your business, but the important component that your buying is the ability to obtain service when something goes wrong…. and it will. Many companies have another company handle their computer problems, but not Liberty, this is what makes them the leader in the computer industry for dry cleaners.

I wanted to thank you for the addition of the Route Management Control software on the Liberty Computer Touch Control System. It has become invaluable in running our delivery service. It no longer matters who is driving our delivery truck.

The iRouteControl app will take any driver to each home with ease. We now have full control of our route orders. We also know if and when our orders were delivered. I don’t know how we worked with out it.

Joe Pennestri

Pamper Cleaners
Hicksville, Plainview & Syosset, NY